Counterintelligence and Special Services


Mystek Systems Counterintelligence (CI) and Special Services provides a unique blend of skillsets not often offered by typical IT or Intelligence companies. Our CI & Special Services reflects a rare combination of Mystek’s staff experience with operations focused expertise from across the IC Counterintelligence mission space. This exceptional balance operationalizes data into an elliptical process, bridging the info-to-Ops gap with collection and actionable intelligence.

Mystek’s innovative counterintelligence integration process is a wide reaching launch platform spanning across the 17 IC partners, cleared industry and commercial entities. This breadth yields an enhanced collaborative approach that leverages vested intellectual security, operational planning, and regulatory compliance services today. With decades of operational management experience, Mystek services delivers realistic solutions focused on national security issues dealing with the management of complex counterintelligence operations and special programs, security management, intelligence operations, contingency/emergency management support, and case management.

Mystek Counterintelligence & Special Services:

  • Counterintelligence Support
  • Insider Threat Services
  • CI & Law Enforcement Case Management
  • Legal and Policy Support
  • Analytics & Reporting

“While much of the daily work of counterintelligence is laborious and humdrum, its complex and subtle operations are very much like a giant chess game that uses the whole world as its board.”

Allen Dulles, Former DCI


Mystek counterintelligence services provide expert innovation into development and design of proactive counterintelligence programs. Our team consists of former law enforcement and intelligence agency experts specializing in:

Foreign Intelligence (Clandestine, Surveillance, HUMINT)
  • Best Practice Foreign Intelligence and Security Service (FISS) Defense to include Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) related to Gaps, Trends, Targeting- Offense
  • Collections & Requirements Management
  • Offensive Counterintelligence Operation (OFCO) / Offensive CI Support to include Targeting, PAM- Behavioral & PsyOps Analysis
Design of Investigative Operations Resource Enhancement Practices
  • Law Enforcement – Counterintelligence Integration
  • Case and Investigation Management Support
Threat Assessments, Mitigation & Industrial Espionage Prevention
  • Critical Infrastructure Technology Protection (CITP)
  • Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)
  • Strategic & Competitive Intelligence (SCIP)


Mystek’s first-class management consulting expertise is rooted in decades of Intelligence Community experience and driven to deliver tailored executable strategy, operations, technology, and human capital advisory services. This practice integrates the central capabilities of people, process and technology with bleeding edge industry expertise enabling clients to navigate their most complex mission environments. Mystek’s Insider Threat Protection methods are no exception.

User Monitoring & Auditing
  • Insider Threat Awareness Briefing & Training
  • Data Source and Information Integration
  • Cross Domain Analysis & Reporting
  • Threat Tool Policy Development (multi-tool experience)
  • Policy Writing
  • Agency Specific Signature Creation
Investigation & Inquiry Case Management
  • Legal (OGC) navigation and Agency Policy Best & Accepted Practices
  • Employee Assistance
  • Early Mitigation Interdiction
  • Interviewing
  • Interagency Collaboration (DITMAC)
  • Cross Agency Best Practices & Code Sharing (Policy/Sig)
  • Cleared Industry NISPOM Compliance Consulting Services

Mystek Analytics are the cornerstone to any successful operation, bar none. In today’s data rich landscape, the analyst is faced with an ocean of information to parse, link, develop, draw inference from, and report. Analytics as part of MYSTEK’s toolkit, are deeply rooted in our holistic approach to operationalizing data. We recognize the importance of defining the way information flows in an organization as well as how it is consumed. Our analytic support service spans all available sources and methods of information consumption and reporting including those areas yet to be realized.

Today’s counterintelligence missions have broadened from the time when the threat was restricted to the foreign intelligence services (FIS) under the control of nation-states. Threats have broadened to include threats from non-national or trans-national groups, including internal insurgents, organized crime, and transnational based groups. Mystek Systems Counterintelligence (CI) and Special Services will provide the unique blend of skillsets needed to bridge the info-to-Ops gap with collection and actionable intelligence.