IT Service Management


The desired benefits of implementing IT Service Management best practices are undisputed and obvious, but organizational change initiatives within the government fail way too often. Many agencies spend a lot of money and time trying to implement IT Service management best practices, only to be disappointed. Two common mistakes customers make when hiring service management expertise:

  • Contract commercial consultants who attempt to implement rigid text book processes, without an understanding of the government organization or how the ITSM best practices should fit in.
  • Contract with large Government contractors who are masters at producing ‘paper certified’ support staff. These contractors are great story tellers in the proposal submittals, but are substandard performers who lack the aptitude needed to be successful.

Mystek Systems provides the specialized expertise needed to realize desired benefits and return on investment of service management initiatives. We are Masters at organizational change and Experts in ITSM. We will navigate a wide breadth of government mandates and policies to effectively implement service management best practices tailored to your organization.

Mystek Systems will help you improve the quality of the IT services you deliver by understanding the required levels of availability, security, capacity, and continuity, and then plan solutions that are able to deliver those. We will help you improve the alignment of IT to your business or mission, providing services that better meet the needs of your customers. We will help you lower the cost of delivering IT by reducing wasted effort and focusing on getting things right the first time.

Mystek Systems provides a wide range of IT Service Management (ITSM) consulting and services. We specialize in the implementation of ITSM best practices within the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense, utilizing a blend of ITIL process engineering, COBIT Governance and Lean process improvement.


ITIL Service Management (V2 & V3)

Government CIOs have taken notice of the rapid rate at which private industry has adopted IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices. ITIL is a set of best practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of the business or mission. The latest set of best practices, known as ITIL V3, with its life cycle focus on formal approaches to governance, offers a greater potential to meet federal mandates and increase the role of IT in enabling the business or mission. Mystek Systems provides the ITIL certified specialists to tackle your most difficult IT Service Management problems.

Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) provides an integrated view of core service business processes, in real-time, using common databases. ESM systems track business resources—people, parts, assets—and the status of customer commitments: service requests, orders, repairs, and SLAs. ESM facilitates information flow between departments and coordinates activities with external resources involved in the service business process. Mystek Systems takes the business of managed services seriously and develops a customer tailored ‘best-fit’ approach to address the government Enterprise Service Management objectives.

Service Portfolio Management & Service Based Cost Modeling

Mystek Systems will help your organization define services, inventory services, develop business cases and validate current service portfolio data. We will help your organization analyze the service portfolios, maximize portfolio value, and align/prioritize and balance supply and demand. We will help the government with governance establishment, communicate decisions, allocate resources and charter services. We will also help the government with service-based costing, so that organizations calculate the full cost of their products and services.

One of the most critical functions of an IT Organization is the Lifecycle Management or Portfolio Management of their services, but this requires a high level of maturity for the organization and it is an advanced step in the implementation of an ITIL-based ITSM solution. By building your ITSM solution around an ITIL-based framework, we can help you implement a dynamic and ongoing process set which includes 4 work IT Service Management methods:

  • Define: inventory services, ensure business cases and validated portfolio data.
  • Analyze: maximize portfolio value, align and prioritize and balance supply and demand
  • Approve: finalize proposed portfolio, authorize services and resources.
  • Charter: communicate decisions, allocate resources and charter services.
Service Level Management & Technical Acquisitions Support

Mystek provides ITIL Service Level Management services to ensure that agreed levels of current IT services are provided, and that future services can be delivered within agreed targets. Our ITIL specialists will define, document, measure, report and review the level of provided services. We will become the change agents needed for maintaining good relationships with both business and customers, improve customer satisfaction, ensure clear and unambiguous expectations of the delivered service levels, and implement proactive measures for service level improvement whenever costs can be justified – this includes providing the technical acquisition support to ensure SLM, integration and functional requirements are met in the most efficient manner.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Service Catalog Implementation

Mystek Systems will provide the CRM / ITIL Business Relationship management (BRM) talent and expertise to help the government identify the needs of existing and potential customers and ensure that appropriate services are developed to meet those needs. We facilitate government organizations’ Customer Relationships, identify Service Requirements, sign up Customers to Standard Services, manage Customer Satisfaction Surveys and manage Customer complaints.

The most important ITSM capability needed for maximizing the efficiencies of CRM and BRM is the actionable Service Catalog. Mystek will help the government acquire and deploy an ITIL V3 actionable Service Catalog that provides a central source of information on the IT services delivered, provides automated service request fulfillment, and ensures that all areas of the organization can view an accurate, consistent picture of the IT Services, their details, and their status.

IT Service Management Process Engineering

One common theme in the government is lack of return on investments for process engineering activities. Some agencies hire the Six Sigma Blacks Belts, whose goal is to implement Six Sigma to reduce the variability in a process in order to deliver practically defect-free products and services. Other agencies will try to improve their process using Lean techniques, which utilize certain tools and methods which are all centered on the elimination of wastes.   The latest craze is Lean Six Sigma; however, rarely do these process improvement initiatives work out. While powerful in the right application, these approaches are not being used correctly. Six Sigma’s 3.047 defect per million is fantastic if you are building routers, but not applicable when you are using them to set up networks and virtual infrastructures. Lean, often used in manufacturing with great success, applied outside a larger framework is equally disappointing. In short, both these process improvement initiatives will help improve current processes, but neither will illuminate what the process should be doing!

To maximize the impacts of IT service and process improvements, these techniques must be incorporated into the ITSM framework. Accordingly, Mystek Systems has developed the Mystek ITIL Six Sigma Lean Enhancement (MISSLE) approach, yielding the maximum value out of any service improvement initiative. Not only do target areas improve in comparison with other techniques, the approach implements capabilities needed by other service management areas and processes.