Information Assurance and Cyber Security


Mystek Systems provides a wide range of specialized Information Assurance and Cyber Security services tailored to secure Government mission environments. And we do it in the most cost effective, practical and extensible means to secure IT environments. Our unique organizationally tailored solutions identify and close technical and coverage gaps, integrate and optimize tools and processes.

Most government Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) do not comprehend everything connected to their network. As such, these CISOs suffer from anxiety due to their susceptibility to a breach despite ample technical capabilities. This is because the people and process integration is frequently immature, disjointed and adhoc – resulting in an inability to truly secure the mission!

Organizations often miss the mark and fail to realize the benefits of risk managed transformation processes:

  • Legacy certification & accreditation has not truly evolved
  • Pertinent risk criteria remains undefined
  • Critical security controls are not mapped to technical capabilities
  • Unresolved capabilities and coverage gaps exist
  • Disjointed technical solutions and processes fail
  • Risk decisions require heroic efforts to obtain pertinent info
  • Senior leadership lacks necessary insight
  • Computer network defense remains purely responsive

As threats increase and evolving technologies provide new attack vectors, Mystek provides mission-tailored cyber situational awareness, continuous monitoring and operational risk management solutions. Securing missions through the integration of people, processes and technology is Mystek Systems’ claim to fame. Our unique solutions are organizationally tailored to government environments ultimately delivering cost efficient cyber situational awareness, risk management and continuous monitoring through automation to deliver both pro-active and responsive cyber security solutions.

Mystek is familiar with and understands the challenges of transforming legacy processes into a risk managed solution in order to optimize processes, lower costs and further secure the environment. Mystek Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across the technical, transformational and risk management domains are experienced in guiding organizations through change and delivering optimized risk management cyber solutions. Our SMEs have proven expertise assisting IA and Cyber stakeholders through Risk Management transformation to enable the collection, correlation and effective use of critical technical artifacts throughout the engineering, operations, risk management and security roles of an organization. Without cyber situational awareness delivered through continuous monitoring and the ability to persistently understand residual risks, no organization can effectively secure their mission!

Responding to the constantly changing threat demands cyber intelligence – of both the adversary as well as the dynamic situational awareness of the customer environment. Mystek Systems is your solution!


IA Architecture

Mystek Systems’ IA Architects will document “as is” and develop “to be” IA architectures based upon existing capabilities, identified gaps, and organizational needs to enable cost savings, technology optimization and more effective, resilient and dynamic ability – all in order to secure the mission while delivering cyber situational awareness, continuous monitoring and operational risk management to senior management.

Security Engineering, Process Optimization & Cyber Services

Mystek Systems’s security engineers are seasoned with the technical nuances of identifying necessary security controls. Our engineers are proven experts in crafting tailored ICD-503 overlays, identifying capability and coverage gaps, and employing a unique framework for optimizing IA Risk Management Framework (RMF). Mystek delivers the ability to ensure the critical technical artifacts are collected across an enterprise in context to the mission and ensure the integration of tactical operational cyber with strategic information assurance.

Vulnerability Management, Identification and Remediation

Mystek Systems’ unique, tailorable Vulnerability Management Lifecycle (VMLC) solutions provide a proven repeatable process to manage, target and effectively make use of all audits, assessments and inspections. We integrate all findings into effective workflow both driven by, and ultimately fed into, an organizational risk scorecard. The Mystek VMLC delivers an Enterprise POA&M integrating all findings and workflow.

Red Team, Blue Team and Penetration Testing

Mystek Systems provides independent verification and validation through a proven Independent Assessment Methodology (IAM) that simulates a specific adversary or targets a specific threat vector, identifies exposures and provides a full scope independent assessment targeting blanket vulnerabilities and configuration deficiencies. Mystek’s IAM is recognized for delivering actionable findings for quick high value tactical results, as well as root cause analysis enabling the ability to address systemic weaknesses.

Assessment & Authorization

Mystek Assessment & Authorization services enable transformation from a legacy paper and snapshot driven Certification & Accreditation to a highly automated and integrated process focusing on ICD-503 categorization, overlays, security controls and critical technical artifacts. Mystek’s A&A is designed to function in conjunction with the VMLC, Continuous Monitoring and Risk Management to deliver an organizational risk scorecard, unified POA&M, and a persistent Risk Management dashboard for use by senior management.

Cyber Operations & Computer Network Defense

Mystek provides the technical expertise to deliver all aspects of Computer Network Defense Service Provider (CND-SP) capabilities to a customer organization. Additionally, our experience with Cyber Operations includes the design, implementation and operations of unique efficient IDS architectures to support incident detection and response. Our proven expertise with forensics analysis protects customers against general malware, cybercrime and targeted advanced persistent threats.

Continuous Monitoring & Risk Management

Mystek’s unique, tailorable Cyber Fusion capability is the encapsulation of the entire breadth of Cyber and Information Assurance. Continuous monitoring provides the artifacts for persistent situational awareness and dynamic Risk Management. Through Mystek Cyber Fusion, the security posture of our customer is greatly enhanced as high risk vulnerabilities are rapidly understood and remediated, critical assets are understood and more effectively protected and senior management is provided a continually refined picture of operational risk.