IT Portfolio, Budget and Acquisition


The government is constantly striving to optimize efficiency in a budget constrained environment, and often needs to react to budget cuts. Most agencies have redundant systems and technologies in their infrastructure, but it is difficult to verify because internal repositories of IT assets are often incomplete. The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Office and Department of Defense want more reliance on cloud and managed service provider solutions, but are too often unsure about which new pipeline initiatives best-fit those objectives. Service-level agreements are ill-defined or don’t meet expectations. The data and metrics don’t provide value-added status of current projects, nor will they illustrate any return on investment. Capacity management thresholds are not tied in with budgetary and procurement service delivery timelines. Meeting outsourcing objectives is nearly impossible because contract interfaces have not been defined well. If you are struggling with these issues, let Mystek Systems fix your IT Portfolio, Budget and Acquisitions processes.

As the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense are not exempt from competing for the always limited discretionary funding, Mystek provides the needed working knowledge of the complex rules and processes of this bureaucratic warfare. Mystek provides the specialized expertise and the “staff survival skills” for IC and DoD Program Managers, especially those at senior levels of responsibility. Mystek will provide the consulting armament and expertise needed in the agency budget battles, provide service-based impact assessments and justification, find the best cost effective solutions for meeting requirements, and help quantify policies for investment management decisions.

No strategic vision or policy has any basis in reality without sufficient financial resources. Mystek Systems will also ensure the Budgeting functions support the larger budgeting process so funds are available on time, as forecasted and needed, and spent in line with mission priorities.

Mystek Systems Services:

  • IT Portfolio Management (PfM)
  • Capital Planning and Investment Control
  • Budget Planning, Formulation, Execution and Reporting
  • Financial and Budget Process Mapping/Improvement
  • Financial Modeling, Management and Analysis
  • Technical Acquisitions Support and Contract Management
  • Service Level Management & Process Improvement
  • Project Management & Earned-Value Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Critical strategic decisions are sometimes reached based on the strongest voice in the room, not by the soundest analysis of a new proposal. To add insult to injury, too many traditional CPIC and Exhibit 300 specialists lack the additional ITIL or COBIT integration and understanding to provide the needed capability of Service Providers. Today’s solutions require traditional financial and budgeting processes be revamped to enable IT Service management optimizations. It requires integration with Capacity Management, Requirements Management, Enterprise Architectures, Service Request Fulfillment, Service Costing and other critical service management processes.

Mystek System’s IT Portfolio and Acquisition Services are based on best practice implementation of IT Service Management and Governance capabilities tailored to the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense and certain Federal Agencies. For more information, please contact